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Get The KBC Official Numbers & KBC Head Office Address

This is the Kaun Banega Crorepati head office real number 7204651654. You can call this number. This is where you get the right information. Here you can find information about any type of lucky draw. You can find information about Jio Lucky Draw here. Moreover, we keep updating our KBC Jio Winner list 2021. This website is registered with Who will become a millionaire (Kaun Banega Crorepati).


KBC Head Office Number 7204651654

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Benefits of getting or Dialing KBC Head Office Number

  • Any number that’s not our head office, helpline, or KBC the contact number that sends a text, email, or places a call to you about KBC is fake.
  • Any number that tells you to pay an amount to register or claim your lottery prize is fake.
  • Until otherwise proven, any Pakistani number (with a variety code of +923) is fake.
  • Never visit any site or link that an anonymous person gives you over the mobile.
  • If you’re the KBC prize winner, don’t tell anyone initially for security reasons.
  • To check your status as a lucky winner, enter your
    lottery and mobile numbers on our website.
    Click on “check” to verify your status.

How to contact KBC?

  • Dial 001 or +1, the exit code.
  • Next dial 91, the country code of India.
  • Then dial the world code (3-4 digits – please see a sample calling code list below).
  • For WhatsApp Call save KBC office Number in your contacts then KBC head office WhatsApp number is going to be shown in your WhatsApp Contact list.
    And finally the telephone number (5-6 digits).
    Number Example: 0019199444165

KBC Official Contact Number Mumbai 7204651654

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