If you have an Indian contact number, you can be involved in KBC lucky draw. They do arrange for KBC (Kaun Banega Crorepati) lucky seasonal draws in which you can win a prize of 25 lakhs. Countless fake individuals are making fraudulent calls adopting people to send cash for winning an award from KBC. Please, don’t believe any of it and kindly confirm all information received from the KBC head office number.

As a beloved caller in request on the KBC lucky draw 2021, it is now merely opting for registration with a simple call to KBC Head Office number. Therefore, you don’t necessarily need to come over to the office; everything can be processed online with a phone call.

KBC Head Office

If you are a recipient of any draw number or lucky number, kindly update KBC to know an actual or scam lottery number with ease. So, if any male or female offers you a lottery number, please confirm it on KBC head office number or KBC WhatsApp Number: 7204651654 | Website: https://kbcofficialprize.com/

KBC Head Office Number

Nowadays, you might have been receiving KBC lottery fraud calls. Just be aware that the mobile lottery rip-off is back, and the scammer’s goal is to rip off an innocent person like you of your meager earnings.

If you have some budget for investment, but you’re confused about where it should invest so that you may get the maximum profit, then KBC Investment Advisory Team is also a solution to your worry.

Just have them contacted, and they will guide you on how to invest the money in the KBC Lottery scheme according to your budget. You can also verify your lottery details by sending the lottery number or forwarding the received message to KBC Head Office Contact number 7204651654 (KBC WhatsApp number).

Contact These Numbers for Inquiries:

KBC Head Office Number Delhi – 7204651654

KBC Official Head Office Number – 7022460099

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